Thursday, 26 May 2011

26/ 05/2011

Today we had our photoshoot for the set. I think it went very well and we captured a lot of good photos and films, learning about lighting effects on video and camera.

Here are a few photo's I took:

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


We finished the painting and woodwork so we moved the furniture into gregors room and put it all in place along with some props.
After the carpet in the living room was complete we moved the large furniture into place in there as well.
We then looked at our props list to see what else needed getting. As I was going to bluewater anyway I said I'd get some of the remaining props if I could find them at a decent price.

While there I was able to get the majority of the props on my list:
  • Red Apples (x8)
  • A Loaf of uncut bread
  • Table Cloth - I couldnt find an actual lace table cloth as they've discontinued them and now sell cotten ones which look far too modern. I went to the fabric section of JOhn Lewis instead and found a floral lace fabric that could be used to make the right type of table cloth. I have to hem the width but it should do nicely.
  • Candles (x6) (which I'll make look used tomorrow and distress one for gregors room)
  • Flowers (which will look as if they are nearly dead by thursday) - I chose a bunch of pink and white roses which look as if they'll suit the living room really well and with the wilting will follow the theme of gregor's room influencing various items in the living room.
Also I'm going to have some ham by tomorrow.
I couldnt find picture hooks at bluewater but i've actually got quite a few at home so I'll be able to bring them in
The only prop I couldnt find was the fire place set tools. None of the shops seemed to have anything relevent and anything close was extremely expensive.

Monday, 23 May 2011


I spent today helping out various others. The set is looking really good now. The doors are up, the floor is almost finished and the cieling of Gregor's room is being distressed to blend with the rest of the room. We're hoping to get the skirting board up in the morning and if all goes according to plan to start moving furniture into the room.

Friday, 20 May 2011


I got in just as the gregor's room cieling was half way through being completed. I then helped anyone who needed a hand for a while.
I finished the painting of the skirting boards with Jess and Sarah L and once this was dry we used button pollish along them to make them look more authentic.
I later helped chalk line the living room before nailing in the Architrave to the living room side of the double door.


I put a final touch on my dining room table as we learnt more about varnishes and finishes on tuesday. I dabbed watered down black paint in patches along the sides and wiped them off again to five the table an aged effect which I think came out looking quite nice.

When I was free I helped Adam make the wood panels for the living room side of the double doors.
Adam, Stuart and I then spent the rest of the day distressing the doors. We used various tools such as saws, files, chillsels, hammers etc. To grain the wood clearly on both sides. Once both sides were complete we began to put deeper gashes on the Gregor's room side to follow the rooms monstrous theme.

While we were doing this the walls and floors for Gregor's room were finalised making the contrast between living room and bedroom more prominent than it had been before.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I finished my table this morning by glazing it and I'm really happy with it.

I then helped out with the desk chair earlier by distressing it and putting some gashes and wear into it. It's not quite finished yet but we're gonna finish it tomorrow and put some black wash over it like the door as it gave a good worn effect.


I mixed a slightly lighter brown out of the dark brown I'd used before on the table. I then did a thin layer of paint on the top and grained it in making a really nice effect.

I spent the rest of the day helping any of the others if they needed a hand.
I went with Jo to find some supplies for the curtains and rails.
And I helped Jess do the final black wash on the gregor's room door to make its wooden effect which came out really well.